Investing with Scale Australia suits many types of investors, but it’s not for everybody. Our unique philosophy and curation methodology helps investors get close to real businesses  that have real success.

Whether you’re a full-time investor or see investing as a wealth-creation strategy on the side of your own business or your occupation, Scale Australia may be a good fit. We offer a hybrid return where you both receive an annual yield as well as the opportunity for a long-term growth of your investment. Our fund is set up to specifically allow sophisticated investor a look into an unprecedented level of deal flow. Scale Australia does the hard work finding and curating the right deals for you, giving you an opportunity to be invested into a broad diversified portfolio, and giving you the option to top up into investments you have a particular interest in.

We serve investors from a diverse set of backgrounds

  • Successful business owner running a great family business
  • Chief executive or other senior executive in a larger company
  • Director, board member, coach or consultant
  • Entrepreneur or business owner with a past exit
  • Family office or family investment trust
  • SMSF investor
  • Medical professional like doctor, dentist, surgeon,
  • Professional like lawyer, accountant, judge
  • Engineer, pilot
  • International fund looking to build a portfolio in Australia

If you,

  • think the property market is cooling off
  • feel that listed equities are just volatile these days with an uncertain outlook
  • are not happy with getting less than 2% pa interest on your cash
  • want to have exposure to a stable asset class that can provide both fixed income and generate significant wealth

… then Scale Australia is for you.

This product is restricted to sophisticated investors only. If you believe you qualify, please get in touch and let us have a chat about what you are looking for in your investing.

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