Scale Australia & Catapult: A unique combination

Our focus is our difference.

Instead of a narrow focus on a few mega–successful companies (hard to find with certainty), Catapult’s focus is on a significant volume of companies with a high probability of 5x – 20x scaling.

With process support, monitoring and nurturing, these companies, can in turn provide solid returns to investors.

Catapult provides the majority of deal-flow into Scale Australia, with a unique and highly effective curation process.

Scale Australia’s mandate focuses on ScaleUps, not Startups (thus yielding a 10x better chance of success for each investee company)

This provides a broad cross-section of high–performing companies to the fund that quickly gets to profitability and thus distributions.

A themed approach paves way for early M&A amongst investee companies, thus creating opportunities for much earlier exits, leading to capital distributions from the fund sooner

How does Catapult fit in?

Catapult provides a highly curated set of investment targets 1,000+ companies have been evaluated in the past 12 months with less than 20 selected. Some great companies were selected but investment opportunities missed, until now, with Scale Australia.

By 2020 we will pass 2,000 companies surveyed annually, providing a level of choice hard to find anywhere else.

Catapult provides this curated deal-flow to Scale.

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