Our Team

We have built an exceptionally strong team drawing on entrepreneurship, investment banking, CX, international expansion, regulatory affairs and more.

As a group we’re proud to bring the unique Scale Investing opportunity to you.

Brad Twynham

Investment Committee Chairman

Successful global entrepreneur. Acceleration Commercialisation.
Assisted the development of Federal Government Innovation Agenda.

Lisa Andrews

Investment Committee Member

Working with Singularity University, UN, ACTAI and EO with a focus on solving the worlds greatest challenges with exponential technologies.

Mark Gell

Investment Committee Member

Extensive capital markets experience. Advising and investing in listed and unlisted startup enterprises covering Ag, biotech, energy, property, finance and regulatory industries.

Mike Boorn Plener


Serial Entrepreneur. Business Growth Specialist. Marketing specialist across both small and large businesses. Founder of Catapult.  

Matt Pinter

Chief Investment Officer

Chairman of the Crowdfunding Institute of Australia, Director of TM Effect and an angel investor. Instrumental in development of the equity crowdfunding legislation.

Michael Furey

Investor Relations

Proven track record in driving fast-growth sales campaigns in global markets through sales and leadership.
Michael holds a Diploma of Financial Planning.

Erik Haggstrom

Investment Committee Member

Chief Risk Officer and Head of Compliance across 15+ years with organisations like Dixon Advisory, KPMG and Morgan Stanley.

Peter Semaan

Investment Committee Member

Highly successful and experienced portfolio and asset manager with a specialisation in alternative assets.

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